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A classic story on the subject: How to get ripped off...

I ordered a wall bed from Flyingbeds in Feb 2010 at a price of $5.384.

Stated delivery time up to 12 weeks. After a 2 month delay the bed arrives in July 2010.

It wasnt what I ordered. The pieces delivered was made in two different wood veneers, none the walnut veneer I ordered, one package containing the mechanism was missing and some parts were damaged.

Flyingbeds took the pieces back and the owner (have a look) of Flyingbeds, Mr. Ron McKey promised to refund the money.

After numerous phone calls, emails etc no money was refunded.

I have written certified letters to Flyingbeds. A Colorado attorney I hired have written certified a certified letter to Flyingbeds.

These letters was signed for by Mr. Ron McKey of Flyingbeds.

The Better Business Bureau has written Flyingbeds and called Mr. McKey.
This was Mr. McKeys answer when they finally got hold of him:

Read the complaint

Read the complaint

"Called and spoke to the owner. Asked him if he received the response he said I dont tknow, I'm busy I asked if I could email it to him he said I really dont care about it."
- Read the full BBB story here.

"No money has been refunded.
Do I need to say more about doing business with this company?"

Another Yelp review

Another Yelp review

Gig Harbor, WA 3/10/2009

Stay far away from this business. Jose, a loading dock person, shipped the wrong bed frame to me. After they found my correct frame, it was not shipped in a box it was sent ONLY with SHRINK WRAP!! Yes, they shipped a $5300 bed in shrink wrap. I can't make this stuff up-- here's a picture. Now, 6 weeks later the bed is not repaired and still at their factory. STAY AWAY.

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